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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Linda Blondheim Art Studio Landscapes of the South

Ichetucknee River
24x24 inches
oil on canvas

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Painters Tip

My advice today is about getting the best painting possible. So many landscape painters have fallen into the trap of believing that alla prima or plein air is some sort of magic. To me plein air painting is simply a useful tool in helping to create a good painting. There is nothing magical about it. I believe that getting the best painting is the goal. If I start a painting on location but can't finish it there, because of time constraints, weather, wind, heat or any number of reasons; I can finish the painting in my studio and improve it. That is the goal for me. I don't market my work as either plein air or studio really, since I do both. I find that my patrons really have no interest in whether the painting is pure plein air or pure studio. They really don't care. The only people who do seem to care about this issue are the artists I call the plein air police.

I believe we are wise to have the best possible painting as our end goal. If you bring a painting home from the field and it still needs tweaking, by all means, improve it if you can. if nothing you do will enhance it in any way, call it done and frame it!


Austin Maloney said...

This is a really nice painting. Is your work plein air?

Linda Blondheim said...

This painting was done in studio from photos. I also work on location for paintings from 5x7 to 14x18 inches. Larger works are in studio.
Thanks for the kind comment.

Helen Read said...

Beautiful, Linda! I always love visiting to see what you are up to!

Linda Blondheim said...

Helen, Thanks so much. My other blog Art Notes actually is more about what I do.

The Epiphany Artist said...

Linda I love the comment "plein air police" Giggle!Yes I am not a purist iether - especially when it gets too hot and BUGGY