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Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Collectors

Ginnie Springs II
24x36 inches
oil on Birch Panel
shipping 95.00
Purchase HERE

Linda Blondheim Art Studio

If you are a collector think about which medium you want to collect.

What Medium is best for me?

There are several mediums in painting to choose from. What appeals to you is a personal taste issue. Many artists use more than one medium. I use oil, gouache, casein, and acrylic My two main mediums are acrylics and oils.

One of the main decisions goes along with longevity and difficulty of framing. Traditionally, water based mediums must go behind glass and mats as well a pastels.

Though acrylic are water based, the dry hard and are fine in open backed frame with no glass if they are painted on hard panels or stretched canvas. Gouache and Casein can also be painting on hard panel and framed in open backed frames, varnished properly, but if they are on paper, they need to be framed behind glass.

Work on paper must be framed behind glass. They must be hung away from sunlight and not in damp room like bathrooms. They are more fragile than oil or acrylic paintings, and therefore less valuable in the marketplace.

You should not expect to pay as much for works on paper.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Come to Winter Park,

Come see me in Winter Park Florida for the beautiful Winter Park Paint Out. The proceeds from sales will help the museum there and you will enjoy watching several demonstrations about painting on location, equipment and supplies for painting outdoors. I'm looking forward to painting this lovely charming city.

See you there!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Out and About

Wekiva River
30x30 inches
oil on Birch panel
shipping 95.00
Purchase on my web site HERE

I've been home in the studio for a week, so I decided to get out for a drive today with my dog Henry (AKA Studio Dog) We headed out to Evinston, one of my favorite places in the world, about 40 miles from my house. We stopped at the Wood/Swink first, Florida's oldest working post office, to chat with Freddie and Sue, my good friends who own and run the post office and store. It is a wonderful place, here everyone meets to catch up on neighborhood news and to pick up fresh produce from Freddie's gardens. Today I bought a huge head of Romaine Lettuce, just beautiful, along with carrots fresh pulled from the garden,red onions and sweet potatoes. There were rows of beautiful purple cabbages, vine ripe tomatoes and fresh beets there as well. My purchases cost me a hole four dollars!! It is the place for fresh produce in this part of the world.

We made our way down the road to Fair Oaks Farm, a paradise for nature lovers and painters. The color was flabbergasting for me after having been away traveling for over a month. When I left in late February, everything on the farm was brown and rust colored. Today on arrival, it was emerald green, just spectacular!!! I do so love the seasonal changes here in North Florida. Henry and I took a lovely walk around the farm, deciding that it was just too windy to paint today. We will go back tomorrow, hopefully in calmer weather. The pond was an amazing turquoise blue and green and had beautiful purple and white Iris blooming profusely at the edge. What a great time to be there. Thanks to my dear friend Rick for allowing me to enjoy this beautiful farm. I feel so privileged to be there whenever I want to go.

I'm going to roast the lovely carrots I bought at the Wood/Swink tonight,leaving them whole, first coating them in a bit of olive oil, fresh thyme,salt,pepper, the onion I bought, diced,a few slices of ham, and a couple of whole potatoes. I'll put them all in the cast iron skillet in the oven to slow roast, and make a pan of corn bread. Then I'll make a simple salad from the lettuce I bought with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. There is nothing better for dinner than that!! Yummy!!

Restaurant Review

Sunday I spent the day out with my two daughters. We had a lovey day of shopping and then took a break for food at a new restaurant,downtown in Gainesville, Florida. It's right on the corner across from the state attorney's office, and there is a parking lot next to it for great parking. It is called the Big Burger

It is a charming little place with walk-up counter service and take out. The dining room is cute with black and white tiled floors, red topped tables and chairs in the old retro style, and very nice urban and musical themed posters on the walls. It is very clean. The food is very good. The burgers are homemade to order, there is a nice variety on the menu, including about 10 burger combinations in various sizes, salads, vegetarian food,hot dogs, various side orders, and a good Philly Cheese steak and Chicken Philly. The chicken wings are excellent, not greasy at all and they come with a nice variety of toppings. They offer a New York style cheesecake for dessert. What else would you need? The prices are extremely reasonable and they also have a special. I met the owner who was charming and gracious. The staff is friendly and the service is very good. A winner for a small limited menu restaurant.

Big Burger
21 West University Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 32601
Web Site HERE

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hither and Yon

Wekiva River in Spring
24x36 inches
acrylic on Birch panel
wired and ready to hang unframed

North Carolina View
12x16 inches
acrylic on archival canvas board

Fish Shop at Epcot
Walt Disney World
5x7 inches
acrylic on Masonite panel

All paintings can be purchased at my web site HERE

As you can see above, I've been on several adventures during the month of March. It all started on a freezing cold, windy day at Wekiva State Park in Apopka Florida, just north of Orlando and it's sprawling development. This is an oasis tucked into the city. It is peaceful and serene with bears, deer, turkeys, otters, and beautiful water fowl of all kinds to see. There are about 25 painters who move into the youth camp for a week. We live communally in cabins, painting from first light to dusk. We are sponsored by Wekiva Island, a beautiful marina right on the Wekiva River a few blocks from the state park. They provided us with a large pontoon boat for river painting as well as canoes whenever we like. There is a nice bar at the marina, so it is a lovely place to go and watch the sun go down over the river. At the end of the eek our paintings are sold to collectors and part of the revenue goes to maintain and keep the river in pristine condition. Come next year and enjoy this beautiful event, always the first week of March.

My second journey in March took me to the John Campbell Folk School in Western North Carolina, here I teach painting once a year. This is a wonderful place and truly takes you back in time to a gentler age. The school provides and wonderful gentle learning experience for all. You can study everything including blacksmithing, book arts,painting,quilting,rug making,cooking,nature studies,dancing,music and musical instruments,wood working and pottery. There are too many classes to mention here. The meals are superb, all homemade and with many fresh fruits and vegetables. To discover more, visit their web site here

My final journey for the month took me to Epcot, at Walt Disney World for the annual Flower and Garden Festival. This was my 6th year at the park for the artists weekend at the Garden. Naturally it was grand and perfect. The flowers this year were spectacular. The highlight in my opinion were the topiaries. I've never seen them more stunning. I have been told that the Fish and Chips restaurant in the UK is one of the best meals you will find in the park. Each year I say I will eat there, but Disney takes such good care of us, I never need to go to a restaurant. Perhaps next year!!

Restaurant Review

Yesterday I ate at a little cafe' in High Springs Florida called The Mad Hatter. It is a block from Main Street on US 27. It looks like an old house, which it was at one time. It is quirky and cute and combines the cafe with a little gift shop. Very charming. They serve breakfast on Sunday, and lunch Monday- Saturday. The breakfast bar as quite nice, with yogurt, granola,cereal and fruit as well as the more common items. I had the bacon, home fries and egg breakfast and it was cooked to perfection. The next time you are going through High Springs, stop for a bite there.Tell Wendy the owner I sent you.