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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Landscape Painting at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Dear Friends,
I will be away for the month of March. Stay tuned in April for new stories here on the blog.

Gator Pond
30x30 inches
oil on Birch Panel
Wired and read to hang unframed
shipping 95.00
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Kanapaha Gardens

One of my favorite spots to visit in North Central Florida is Kanapaha Gardens. It is located on state road 24, just a few blocks west of I-75 in Gainesville. It is a adjacent to Kanapaha Prairie which offers a lovely vista, especially in the winter with lush wheat rust and mauve shades in the grasses. The garden has paths which wind through many varieties of plants. It has a huge bamboo garden in the middle, which is my favorite secret garden. I paint there frequently with Studio Dog. He loves to chew on the old pieces of bamboo canes which have fallen in the groves.

Bamboo Garden
Color Fields #37
5x7 inches
acrylic on Masonite Panel
Purchase HERE

There are water dishes placed around the garden paths for dogs and it's a real bonus to be able to take your dog with you.

There is a large water garden feature with exotic water plants, a cactus garden, and herb garden. The palm arboretum is especially nice. It features many palms, including several grand specimens of the Washingtonians with their long graceful petticoats.

At the entrance of the gardens you will find a large modern building called the Summer House with a gift shop and meeting rooms. Many events are held at the garden, including memorials, weddings and parties of all kinds. The garden has a very nice gift shop and has wheelchairs available for guests.

I have an annual pass, but you can pay a daily fee to enter.

This is the perfect place for quiet contemplation, outside of our busy world.

Here is the web site with information about the entrance fees and hours of operation.


Virginia Wieringa said...

I really admire your style! Beautiful work!

Linda Blondheim said...

You really made my day with your kind word.

tlwest said...

I cant believe you finished that big goregous painting already!
Have fun on your trips - the gardens look very tempting :)

Linda Blondheim said...

Terri, Thanks so much. You would love Kanapaha. It is much more natural than Harry P Leu Garden.

maiaT said...

Hi Linda,
Your paintings are wonderful.
I just found your blog accidentally and I want to offer a little bit of appreciation for your beautiful work; you can find it at my painting blog (Maia's Paintings). I hope it is not offending in any way.