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Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Collectors

Ginnie Springs II
24x36 inches
oil on Birch Panel
shipping 95.00
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Linda Blondheim Art Studio

If you are a collector think about which medium you want to collect.

What Medium is best for me?

There are several mediums in painting to choose from. What appeals to you is a personal taste issue. Many artists use more than one medium. I use oil, gouache, casein, and acrylic My two main mediums are acrylics and oils.

One of the main decisions goes along with longevity and difficulty of framing. Traditionally, water based mediums must go behind glass and mats as well a pastels.

Though acrylic are water based, the dry hard and are fine in open backed frame with no glass if they are painted on hard panels or stretched canvas. Gouache and Casein can also be painting on hard panel and framed in open backed frames, varnished properly, but if they are on paper, they need to be framed behind glass.

Work on paper must be framed behind glass. They must be hung away from sunlight and not in damp room like bathrooms. They are more fragile than oil or acrylic paintings, and therefore less valuable in the marketplace.

You should not expect to pay as much for works on paper.

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