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Friday, May 08, 2009

Studio News

Linda Blondheim Art Studio Newsletter
Landscapes of the South

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A Soiree with Linda at Paddiwhack Gallery
An Artist's Life Aint Bad
The Right Painting for your Room
How About a Recipe?May 2009

Gator Pond
30x0 inches
oil on Birch panel

I finally found the time to glaze this painting and finish it.

A Soiree with Linda at Paddiwhack Gallery- Let's celebrate the new location

My good friend, Chuck Sapp who owns Paddiwhack Gallery has decided that it might be fun to have a little soiree on a Sunday afternoon. Since I will have many paintings on display in the Gallery, it will be fun to have a little talk about my work. We will have wine and cheese for you and Chuck will be on hand to talk with you about your art interests. He is very knowledgeable about collecting trends, framing and so forth. He is anxious to show off his beautiful new space as well.

Come spend Sunday afternoon, May 17, 2009 with us at
Paddiwack Gallery, next to Fresh Market, 4120 NW 16th Avenue, Gainesville, Florida from 1-4PM

Ginnie Springs
24x36 inches
oil on Birch panel
In Studio

An Artist's Life Aint Bad

I wake up ever day joyful about my job. Artists are lucky. We meet fabulous, interesting people and participate in wonderful adventures year round. A lot of people have the idea that artists are poor and oppressed. Not true!! We are the richest people in the world. We experience more in a year than some folks do in a lifetime. We see and experience what many others overlook. We live vicariously through the friends that we meet and they generously share their lives and experiences with us.

I thank each of you who read this for contributing to the joy I experience each day. Without you, none of it would be possible. Being an artist is a privilege you have given me and I thank you one and all!!!

Cocktail time on the Winter Park Boat Tour.

Thanks again to the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden for honoring me by showing my work. A museum show is no small thing in the art world. I have been fortunate to show my work in several museums in Florida, Georgia and Alabama over the years. It is always special to be recognized in this way.

Paynes Prairie State Park
20x24 inches
oil on Birch panel

Some Design Tips

From my Art Lover Salons

What is the best sized painting for my room?

This is a question most often asked too late; while you are out shopping at a gallery, an artist's studio or at an art event.

This should be decided first, while you are considering an art purchase. If you have the correct size and format orientation before you shop, you will be less likely to make a significant mistake, saving yourself and the artist heartache and disappointment.

Think about the orientation first. Would a square, horizontal, or vertical orientation work better in the room? If it is a large wall, would a pair of squares make a nice grouping side by side or stacked rather than one painting?

Do you prefer an unframed contemporary style with panels or deep gallery wrap paintings or do you prefer traditional wide framing? If you will be framing the work, allow for an additional 4-6 inches in width for the framing in each direction when planning the size on the wall.

Now that you have made these decisions, it's time to test out your desires before you shop. Go to an office supply store and buy a roll of brown craft paper and a roll of blue painter's tape. Use a measure and pencil to cut out painting sizes (Don't forget to add the size of the frame.) and then tape the paper where you plan to hang your painting. Step back and see how the size and format will look on the wall. Try more than one to make sure you choose the best possibility.

Now you can shop for paintings with confidence and be less of an impulse shopper. Don't forget that I am happy to do commission paintings which will give you the paining in the right size, subject, color scheme for our particular room and style of decor.

Advice on living room design by Interior designer Bill William

Even if you don't have the Martha Stewart touch, you can still design a living room that will make any interior designer proud. It just takes a little thought and some creativity; moreover, you don't have to dish out a fortune to make your living space look amazing.
The first thing you want to consider when it comes to designing your living room is the amount of space you have available. Thinking about space will guide how you go about arranging your living room furniture; it will also give you a good idea of how much creative license you can take-whether you can add more flair in the form of knick knacks, bibelot, plants, vases and other such flourishes.
Next, think about the activities you do in your living room. Make a list. You don't want to make your living room to formal or too delicate, otherwise no one will dare enter for fear of breaking something or putting something out of its place. Your living room should be an inviting place where you can gather with friends and family.
Next consider the furniture you already have and think about whether you really need all of it. A lot of times, people have simply too much stuff cluttering up their space. It's unnecessary. Usually you can delegate certain pieces of furniture to other parts of the house where they will serve much better. Only keep the essential pieces that you will need for entertaining guests and for relaxing with the family.

A good idea is to draw out a sketch of your room to scale and to cut out furniture replicas; this way you can play around with different design ideas and furniture arrangements without having to actually move around furniture.

When you begin, consider the focal point of your room. Usually, in a living room, this centers around your TV and TV furniture. Your TV furniture consists of your TV stand or cabinet and any accompanying furniture used for storing your DVDs and audio equipment for example. Other typical focal points include windows or even pianos.
Once you've identified your main focal point, work around it. Think about what kind of style and mood you want to achieve. Using your model or imagining the situation in your head, think about different options. Consider the layout and how you can work with it by moving the furniture around to create completely different styles.
When you are arranging the furniture, remember to keep things simple and clean. Avoid clutter.
Avoid blocking any arterials or walkways. If you have a larger living room, you may want to break it down, by splitting into two different sections, for example, one part could be dedicated to entertainment, with all your TV furniture, while the other half could be dedicated to conversation and relaxation.

Remember you do not have to place all large pieces of furniture flush against the wall. Consider different angles and corners for stylized effects. Make sure to place chairs close together, but leave space for traffic.
Try to make your room flow. Use your model and experiment with different arrangements. Remember there is no wrong way to decorate; be creative.

How About a Recipe?

This is an old favorite of mine, given to me by a restauranteur many years ago. He served it with crunchy bits of Italian bread which was toasted and put in a basket with the cheese spread. It was a munchie to have with wine while waiting for the first course. In those days restaurants were much more personalized, giving out free appetizers and wonderful stuff. This was his most popular recipe and I begged him for it for years. It was only after he decided to retire that he agreed to give it to me. I was surprised at the simplicity of the recipe. It was a favorite on my catering menu for years.

Cheese Spread

8 oz cream cheese
1 cold pack spreadable cheddar cheese or port wine cheese (It comes in a tub)
1 package dry Italian Dressing Mix (Good Seasons is excellent)
1/4 cup red wine( decent quality)

Put it all in a mixer and beat thoroughly. Place in a crock, hollowed out vegetable like a squash, or in a serving dish. Serve with tasty crackers or Italian Bread pieces, and good hard Italian salami. Wonderful!!!

Save 20.00 May subscriber Special:
2 5x7 inch paintings from my web site for 90.00
regularly 55.00 each. Unframed
Email me to make your selections

Offer Expires: May 31, 2009


Constance said...

Linda you are awesome-- had to share on my blog!
PLEASE let me know if you want to escapethe heat this summer for a while! We are in the mountains near Asheville.
You may want to teach?

You rock!

Linda Blondheim said...

You rock too!! Thanks so much for including me on your blog. I do teach once a year in NC at John Campbell. I'll be tucked into the studio this summer after way too much travel this year. I will take you up on the offer though in the future and so kind of you to extend it to me.