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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Newsletter Augut 27, 2009 Linda Blondheim Art Studio

Landscapes of the South
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August 27,2009

The Season is stirring, wakening to change

One of the things I most enjoy about this time of year are the subtle changes that
many people never notice. You have to be a "Landie" to notice these things. The
colorful grasshoppers which are brilliant yellow, red and green are hanging around,
goofing off instead of gathering food for the winter. The squirrels are busy hoarding
acorns and the light is changing in the sky, clouds and tree tops. We are coming
onto the new season. Studio Dog and I hung around in the yard Monday evening around
7 PM watching the season change, anticipating the new outdoor routine for us that
we love. The decision was made. We will start our annual yard paintings on the next
cool dry evening around 5 PM. We set the scene in our hearts and minds. There is
a large and grand pine tree out in the field next to my house, flanked by dogwoods,
who are not quite ready to change to their fall ensemble of red, but beginning to
be a bit faded after too many summer washes. They are set into a field of tall grasses,
still green but with accents of brown and wheat. The tops of the trees are beginning
to show fiery orange late in the day. I love this part of Florida so much. There
is nothing like the color here if you just take the time to step outside late in
the afternoon. People accuse me of making it up all the time, but the rich blues,
mauves,oranges and reds really are in the trees.

We saw several beautiful butterflies yesterday, flitting around the back yard in
their prom dresses of gold, orange and sky blue. They are like bits of confetti
floating around. The hummingbirds are in great numbers too with their manic darting
everywhere. It's as if we are just on the edge of anticipation. The changing from
summer to fall is the most exciting time of the year for me, and the most dramatic
for a landscape painter.

There is something about living on farm land that gives me a sense of the ages.
I know that it has looked essentially the same for generations. The land I live
on was once a farm. The whole neighborhood was part of a farm owned by Farmer Bethea.
A lot of it remains the same, though it has been parceled off into homesteads. We
have had this land now since I was about 16 years old. In those days we had horses
and a steer on the farm which was slaughtered for beef.

In those less dangerous times, kids ran free on the farms. We used to get into all
sorts of mischief around the neighborhood, riding our horses through the farmer's
corn fields. My aunt had a riding stable next door. She used to have fraternity
and sorority parties out at her place with camp fires. She would saddle the stable
horses up for the city slickers to ride. A bunch of us would throw sheets over
ourselves and wait in the woods. As soon as she turned her back, we would run out,
waving our arms, scaring the tar out of those kids in the dark. Their horses would
bolt back to the barn while we snickered behind trees. Of course, looking back,
I now understand that it was dangerous and stupid, but at the time, we thought it
was just too hilarious. She would get back to the barn and the kids would tell
her they saw ghosts in the night. She would scoff and tell them they were crazy.
She still doesn't know to this day that we pulled these pranks.

I feel that pleasure every time I step outside on my land and when I travel to my
favorite farms. There is an intimacy with the land in those special places that
is hard to understand unless you have been a part of it. It is a step back in time
in many ways, and a timeless look into the future for generations to come. I have
a sense of belonging on all of the farms and ranches I paint and I feel that I have
found my place as a painter, thanks to these experiences at Fair Oaks Farm, Wood
Farm, Town and Country and Rabbit Hill. I hope to explore many more farms in north
Florida in the next few years.


Planning Your Art Collection

If you are just starting to collect art, it might be a good idea to think about
what direction you want to go. Write down a few questions and think about the best
answers before you buy art.

Do you want to collect by subject or genre?
Do you prefer modern, contemporary,traditional,or something in between?
Do you want to collect art from one, a few, or many artists?
Do you like certain palettes of colors? Bold and dramatic,or subtle and sophisticated?
Which sizes and orientations will suit your living or office space?
Is a consistent, thematic style important to you or is it anything goes?

What will be your price range and yearly budget to invest in your collection?

Would you enjoy a series of paintings by an artist on a particular theme rather
than a variety of subjects?

Is collecting from a well known local, regional, or nationally known artist important
to you or is it just the art that matters?

Is it important that you know the artist personally or would you rather select art
from a dealer with no contact from the artist?

Thinking out a plan in advance will help you to achieve your goal in smart collecting,
and will help you achieve a cohesive collection of art. Your collection is often
based art which reflects the places and objects that you love. A favorite artist
whose work and life philosophy you identify with, places you hold dear in our heart,
or narrative art that makes you chuckle or feel akin to emotionally.

Armed with good choices you will enjoy collecting art that suits your personal desires
and needs. There is only one opinion that counts on whether art is good or not,
yours!! Above all, buy art you love. There is no better reason.


How About a Recipe?

Turkey Leg Stew

This is easy, inexpensive and delicious

Three turkey legs
6 carrots cut in large pieces
3 potatoes cut in large pieces
2 stalks celery diced
1 large tomato diced
2 cans chicken broth or turkey stock
1 tsp dried thyme
salt/pepper to taste
1 tsp parsley
1 small can corn
1 can cut green beans
3 T corn starch
1/4 cup dry white wine

1 crock pot

Put everything in the crock pot except the wine and corn starch. Cook on low for
6 -8 hours
Remove turkey legs from crock pot and debone meat. Put meat back in the crock pot.
Turn crock pot on high and add corn starch to white wine. Mix thoroughly. Pour in
and mix with stew. Cover and let cook another half hour on high. Serve in bowls
with corn bread or over rice.

Cook's Tip:
It's easy to dress up your favorite corn bread recipe by adding any of the following:

Sour cream
cheddar cheese
parmesan cheese
diced bacon
diced ham
cooked crumbled sausage
cooked crumbled hamburger
diced tomatoes
taco seasoning
dried Italian dressing mix
Lipton Onion Soup Mix
dried thyme
dried Oregano
Chili powder
jalepeno peppers diced


Take Advantage of Local Treasures

Think about what you have in your town that you can be proud of and enjoy. Often
we forget the beauty and interest in our own back yard. As Neil Diamond said in
is song, "Home is the most excellent place of all". Are you utilizing all that
your town and region has to offer?

We here in North Florida are blessed. It is still fairly rural and peaceful compared
to South Florida. There is much to do and see here. Just a few miles away will take
ou to small interesting towns like Melrose, Keystone Heights, Live Oak, Evinston,
Cross Creek, White Springs, Dunellon and Crystal River. The springs of north Florida
are cold, and crystal clear on a hot day. I love to take day trips around and there
are some favorite roads I love to drive, just for he beauty along the way. A few
favorites include:

US 98-From Perry to Appalach
US 41- From Williston to Brooksville
County Road 320-McIntosh
County Road 37-Hague
County Road 225-Evinston
SR 13- St Johns County
US 27- between High Springs and Perry.
US 90 -from Lake City to Live Oak
State Road 121 From Gainesville to Lake Butler
US 231 from I-10 to Dothan and from Ozark to Montgomery
Count Road 235 from Alachua to Lacrosse
State Road 206 to Crescent Beach
State Road 207 to St Augustine Beach
State Road 24 to Cedar key
State Road A1A from St Augustine Beach to Washington Oaks State Park
State Road A1A from Atlantic Beach to Mayport and then north from the Ferry to Amelia

Many of you may think there is nothing much special about these routes, but a landscape
painter sees things that others don't notice. it's our job to see beauty in the
most obscure places. Next time you are traveling the same old routes, look a little
closer. You will see what I see.

Close to home we are blessed with beloved Paynes Prairie, our pride and joy, beautiful
Lake Alice, Devil's Millhopper, The bike trail from Gaineville to Hawthorne, lovely
Kanapaha Gardens; the fine old historic district with the Thomas Center, museums
an performing arts centers as well as two colleges/universities.
I can't leave out the local produce either. There are several farmers markets in
this area, including Haile Plantation, down town, and over on US 441 and 39th Avenue,
but I prefer to go to the farms instead. Freddie Wood has the best produce at his
farm in Evinston, sold fresh ever day at the Wood Swink. I also go to the packing
house in Santa Fe on SR 121 in Lacrosse and to Rogers Farm right down at the end
of my road.
Life here doesn't suck!! [] [] [] [] [] [] []


Out Painting

I'll be painting out in front of my gallery in Gainesville; Paddiwhack Gallery next
to Fresh Market on 16th Avenue. I'll be there on Fridays, unless I'm traveling,
from 11 AM-1 PM for the summer. In the fall, I may extend the time. It's a great
way for me to make new friends and show my paintings to others. Come by on a Friday
and chat with me.

Paddiwhack Gallery next to Fresh Market
On Fridays
11 AM- 1PM

This Week's Ebay Paintings

Opening Bid:$3.99
Retail Price:55.00
S & H: Free
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Type Blondheim Art into the Ebay search window.

The computer saga continues. Sent one back,waiting for another to arrive. This week
the web site really is working again. Thanks for your patience.

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