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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Linda Blondheim Art Studio Landscapes Of The South

North Carolina Hills
4x6 inches
gouache on acid free mat board.

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I will be away on a paint out trip next week March 2-8, 2008. Please be patient until I return the following Thursday.

Painters Tip

Using Art as a Visual Aide Attracts Attention from Collectors

Soon I will have a few events where lots of collectors will be present. Competing with other artists is tough, especially when all of you paint the same subjects. I have come up with a way to get viewers interested in my work. I have created a story board about the stages of a painting. The first four stages and a final finished painting. The last stage has information about my agent's web site and mine. People are interested in how things work. I believe they will remember my work because they have seen and learned something about my process. All I have to do is take a table top easel and my story board with me to all of my spring events. The board will work in the wet room for all of the paint outs and at the Garden party where I will be painting. I can see many possibilities for this, including gallery openings, lectures and demonstrations for studio parties,art league meetings,interior decorators, artist residencies and museum portfolios and proposals.

I used a simple piece of foam board. I did the four stages in gouache on paper, mounting them on mat board. The fifth painting is a real oil painting with a nice mat in front of it for a nice presentation. I typed out all of the labels and glued them onto the board under each painting. I will keep the board in a sealed plastic bag for transportation.

If this seems to be popular, I can actually have a nice professional presentation done by a graphic designer instead of the homemade look, but I think this will do for now.

I am very happy to share this idea with you all, but I do ask those painters who go to the same events with me not to use the idea to compete with me. Use it somewhere else please :>)

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