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Friday, February 08, 2008

Linda Blondheim Art Studio

Lake Alice
6x9 inches
oil on panel

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Painters Tip

Edge Control in your paintings

A found edge gives momentum.

Hard edges block the eye from moving into adjacent spaces.

They can effectively move the viewers eyes through a painting.

Soft and lost edges allow the viewer to move freely between sections of the painting.

Varied edges create interest in the painting.

Edges can be external or internal, with external defining the outside shapes and internal defining folds or patterns in an object.

Color and pattern can be spilled over edges, connecting and relating the two forms

The biggest problem I see for beginning landscape painters is a lack of variety in their edge work. It is either all loose and messy or all tight and hard. It's really important to understand that the eyes see soft edge work in the distance and more refined edgework where they are focusing. Your edgework directs the viewer to important areas of the painting. Remember that the viewer will never see the scene you are painting. It is the painters job to direct them through the painting in a pleasing way.


indiaartist said...

Beautiful Pinting and great advice. I think I do have those clear cut lines in my painting which block the flow. So I'll be careful.

Linda Blondheim said...

Thanks so much for commenting and I'm glad this week's Painters Tip was useful.