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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Florida Orange Shop, Collecting by Subject

The Orange Shop
14x18 inches
oil on Masonite Panel
See my paintings HERE

One of my favorite old time places to visit is the Florida Orange Shop in Citra, Florida.

The Orange Shop
PO Box 125
Citra, Florida 32113-0125
Phone: 1-800-672-6439
Fax: 1-800-345-6888

This is a wonderful place. It has all the great tourist stuff that you found years ago all over the state. it is completely authentic with the original building in wonderful condition. It is owned by Pete and Cindy Spyke. The shop has fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice for sale each day and that alone is worth going for! I try to go over at least twice a year. I subscribe to their newsletter. Their fruit is fantastic and always fresh. You will be treated to a warm welcome when you visit this part of the living history of North Florida.

Collecting by Subject

It's really fun to build an art collection around a particular subject instead of a more general collection like still life, portraits or landscapes. If you have a fondness for Orchids, or vintage Mustang Convertibles, or Palm Trees, it's a great way to collect a number of different styles and artists. You will still retain harmony and consistency of subject while creating a very diverse collection. It will generate much interest and attention from guests who visit your home or office.

Another way to do a subject collection is to purchase a series of paintings by one artist who delves deeply into a subject, exploring it with many paintings over time. This is the kind of collection which shows well in groupings through our home or in large facilities like corporate buildings or offices.

This week's Make an Offer painting. Current High Offer: 55.00 email lindablondheim@gmail to make offer. Put OFFER in the subject line.


Aslam said...

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Linda Blondheim said...

Thank you Aslam.

Cecelia said...

Your work is just gorgeous, Linda. I am so amazed at what you do, especially since I learned that you have some vision problems. Over a year ago, I learned that I have wet Macular Degeneration in one eye and cataracts in both. It's pretty frustrating. I have such trouble in making lines meet, making things go where I want them to go, and even in selecting colors. So far, I have managed, but I know I am going to have to go with a really loose style. Actually, I feel blessed to see as well as I do. It could be so much worse. But, it certainly has made me appreciate even more what others do-especially those who do have vision problems.
In my Texas hometown, a lot of interesting shops are coming into the old buildings. For a while, it was only antique shops. Now, a new high end chocolate shop and French Restaurant opened, several galleries, a kolache shop,several restaurants, and other shops that deal with furnishings or special items. It used to look like a set for a western movie, and was a very busy place. I'm glad that they are able to save and preserve most of the buildings.
Good luck with your painting.

Linda Blondheim said...

You certainly have my sympathy. I know your new style developed with the poor vision will be every bit as good and exciting as the older work. Just keep going no matter what. Thank you for the kind comments about my work.

I love to see interesting shops thriving in a community, don't you?

Thank you so much for visiting the blog and commenting.