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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I have ruined my blog trying to put in various features. I had to delete my other Landscapes Of The South blog entirely, and now I cannot get images to load on this one. They come out as code instead of images. I am at my wit's end with html.

Until I can find someone to fix this I will continue to post advice for painters. The new address for this blog is

My apologies for any inconvenience.


Painter's Tip

Variation of Intervals

A composition needs variation to be interesting. Try not to make your intervals the same. Vary the heights, depth, planes of elements in compositions. Create interesting groupings in the paintings by using different shapes widths and heights. Creating dynamic balance is a goal. Too much of the same is boring. Too much variation causes your painting to lose continuity. With a variety of elements, the viewers eye moves through the painting, taking longer to see it. The longer the viewer stays in the painting the better.

A focal point is a feature in the painting that draws the viewer in.
It will have any of the following elements:

Contrast in tonal values
Concentration of visual detail and energy
Bright or intense color.
Hard Edges
Gap in patterns
Intersections, curves or diagonals leading into the focal area

You want to provide a trail for the eye to follow through the picture. Lines, leads and pointers from the path of least resistance, naturally attract a viewer's attention. Any linear element in a picture, such as a line or a long narrow shape will create a path for the viewer to follow. In the reverse, these elements can lead the viewer out of the picture as well so be aware of that problem.

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