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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rabbit Hill Trees

8x10 inches
oil on panel

Painter's Tip

Are we making things tougher for our fellow artists?

I can’t think of a much tougher career than being an artist. Let’s face it. We are marketing a product that few can afford or truly appreciate. Not only does the general public feel apathy about the fine arts, but people involved in the industry itself sometimes thwart each other’s progress. Rather than helping each other and celebrating each other’s successes and work, they are busy plotting each other’s downfall.

Artists could go a long way toward improving their lot by not buying into the snobbery and elitism that is so prevalent in the artistic community.

Shame on all of us, every time we say “ Who let him/her into this exhibit? My work is so much better.” How many times have I done that? I shudder to think of how many. What I should be doing is celebrating that artists can be successful, whether I am or not.

It costs us nothing to be generous and kind. When is the last time we offered to help another artist, or went out of our way to say congratulations on a big sale or award?

Do you know an artist who might be down on his luck? How wonderful would it be for an artist to purchase a small painting from an artist who is having financial difficulty? How about buying their lunch or taking them out for coffee? There is much we can do to support each other in the art business. Giving out helpful advice or encouragement is easy and worth a lot to someone who is feeling discouraged.

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