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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Family Portrait

12x16 inches
acrylic on canvas

Painter's Tip

Working on Commissions

Patience is the key word in working with commission clients. They have a vision and it can sometimes be unrealistic. If you paint commissions you must be willing to make revisions and to communicate effectively.

Be sure that you give them realistic time lines and that you are staying within those time lines as you progress through the painting. You must give them upfront information on length of time, how many revisions are allowed relative to cost, and when to expect delivery. You should discuss with them possible sizes, supports, medium and the advantages and characteristics of each support and medium, framing choices and those costs. They should be advised on whether you have a waiting list and when you will start the project.

They should receive a certificate with archival information, such as the type and manufacturer for paint, canvas, stretchers, varnish or other materials used. I include an image of the painting on this page. I also include an envoice for the painting, a business card, a brochure and a bio/statement/resume for their files. I also use a stick on label with contact information on the back of the painting support.

Commissions can be fun and exciting. They are challenging and can take you outside of your box.

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