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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Salt Springs

6x8 inches
acrylic on panel

Painter's Tip

Strength In Numbers

I am very excited to be a partner in a collaborative effort with two other artists called Visions.

We are planning a series of exhibitions with a variety of themes over the next few years. We will have no parameters for the works except for the theme title. We can do studio or plein air work, abstract to photo realist styles, putting our own stamp on the theme. We will meet twice a month to have dinner together and to paint in one of our studios together. We will share marketing ideas and expenses for the various exhibits.

My advice for collaborative efforts:

Choose artists who live in the same area so that meetings are easy.

Choose like minded artists who have similar visions for their future career goals.

Choose artists who are innovative and willing to try new ways to market and to paint.

Choose artists who are at about your level of technical ability and who are at your career stage as well.

Choose artists who’s styles are unique to them and not too similar to yours,though they should show well together.

Choose artists you know well and who you will be able to work with in any given situation. Are they dependable ? Will they accept tasks and perform them in a timely manner? Are they generous and willing to share their gifts with others? Do you have a mix of big picture and detail oriented members?

If everyone in the mix is detail oriented you will have trouble getting anything accomplished on a larger scale. You will need an idea person too.

Three to five artists is a good number.

Collaborating with others can enhance all of your careers.

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