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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Garden Fun
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches
watercolor on cold press
.60 shipping

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Painters Tip

Have A Plan

Composition in landscape painting is so vital to success. When you find the subject you like make a plan for the painting. Take pencil and paper and write down the following questions and answer them. Then you must use this plan to make your painting. After you have completed the painting check to see how closely you have followed your plan. If you did not follow the plan you need to justify the changes you made in your own mind. Get in the habit of doing this exercise regularly and your compositions will begin to improve.


What is the main visual focus or element to the work?

Are there secondary focal points? What are they?

How will the viewer travel from the main to the secondary areas of focus?

Are there tertiary focal areas in the background which will draw the viewer's attention?

What is to be the mood or emotive content for the painting?

What is the light source? Direct or diffused light?

From where and how strong?

Once the main,secondary and tertiary focal areas have been identified,they can be positioned in the painting to optimize the elements of design and composition. Taking the time to write down the questions and answers and trying to make the painting follow them will help you to make good decisions instead of randomly painting. You can certainly add more questions as you do this exercise. I'm not suggesting that paintings should become formulaic, but a good guideline can help you to avoid many mistakes in design.


Paula Manning-Lewis said...

I love your small watercolors! Thank you for commenting on my blog, don't know if you remember me or not, we met(online) on wetcanvas years ago!

Have a wonderful day!


Linda Blondheim said...

I do remember Paula,
Great to hear from you.
Thanks so much for stopping by.