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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Linda Blondheim Art Studio Landscapes Of The South

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Painters Tip

Think about Light

Try This Exercise: You are going to consider the elements of light in a painting, trying to utilize and consider the elements listed below as you work.

I paint on location a lot and so I am always concerned with light in my paintings. They are high contrast and full of light. I think that is the consistency of my work, light and contrast.

Here are elements of light:

Light Source- Where is the light on an object coming from? It can be from several sources, including direct light from the sun as well as ambient light. It can be diffused or focused, bright or dim. It's position and intensity can effect the appearance and the mood of a painting.

Highlight- The brightest point of light on an object. It is found in the middle of the lightest area and is a reflection of the source of light. It can be hard or diffused and gives a visual clue to the texture of an object.

Light Mass- This is the area of an object which receives direct light. The light mass can have variation depending on the height and angle of the light source. For instance, the sun may be showing as back lit straight up, side lit and diffused by fog, etc.

Shadow Mass- This is the part of an object that is hidden from the sun and not lighted. It can be small areas or large, depending on the shape of an object.

Cast Shadow- This is the shadow which is a result of the object being in light. The sun or light source cannot reach the area which is closest to the object away from the light source. A cast shadow is darkest close to the object and then becomes lighter as it moves away, because filtered light is reaching it.

Reflected Light- This is dim light reflected into shadows from other surfaces.

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