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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Linda Blondheim Studio News June 18, 2009

Linda Blondheim Art Studio
Landscapes of The South
Studio: 386.462.5726
Please forward my newsletters to your friends. I need to grow my business. I'll
reward you with a tiny abstract painting.
Don't forget that I offer 10% of the sale cash referral rewards when you send a
new patron to me who purchases a painting.
(I sent a check for 70.00 to a friend who referred a new patron to me last week)


Let's Go Fishing

Blue Marsh
18x24 inches
acrylic on birch panel

When I was a kid growing up in the south everyone fished and hunted. My Grandma
was an expert cane pole fisherwoman. We would go to Kates Fish Camp near Gainesville
and fish for hours. We liked to catch Bream. They were good eats. In those days
catfish were considered to be trash fish though they are very popular now. Catching
them was the most fun because they fought like Tigers.

Just about every week somebody in the neighborhood would fire up a fryer in the
back yard and invite family, neighbors and friends to a fish fry. We kids would
have fish eating contests to see who could eat the most fried fish and hushpuppies.
My friend's mom could make good hushpuppies. They had fresh diced tomatoes and onions
in the batter, fried crisp and brown. It makes my mouth water to think of them.
Of course cheese grits were on the menu along with sliced fresh tomatoes and cole
slaw. Some of the men were Bass fishermen too and would bring in Large Mouth Bass
filets to add to the Bream. Wow it was good. I really miss those days of neighbors
who did these activities together. The men would stand around the fryer and tell
tall fishing tales, smoking cigars, and the women would be gossiping at the picnic
tables and in the kitchen.We kids ran wild, all over the neighborhood with dogs
of all sizes and breeds.

The tables would groan under the weight of casseroles, pies and cakes. After the
meal, adults settled in around the tables to play cards and board games and we
rode our bikes around the neighborhoods with dogs barking. Pick up games of basketball
and baseball were started, jump roping and games of jacks rounded out the fun.

As a young adult I lived over in Tampa Florida and salt water fishing was the main
focus in that part of the state. I had friends who sailed and we would go out to
places only accessible by boats, hoping to catch Grouper and Red Snapper. We also
dug for clams in the shallow waters off the Courtney Campbell Causeway. In those
days there were some great seafood restaurants in that area, including the Mullet
Inn, and a couple of places in Pasagrille on St Pete Beach. I'm sure they have been
replaced by others by now. The Mullet Inn had the best smoked mullet fish dip I
ever tasted.

I miss fishing. It's harder to find people who still go. Now and then I have a chance
to fish with friends at some of the farms where I paint. I always enjoy it so much.
I don't really care if I catch anything, I enjoy the peace and quiet of fishing
and I love boats and being around the water.

There are some great fish camps around my part of Florida:

Kates Fish Camp
Mikes Fish Camp
Twin Lakes Fish Camp
are just a few favorites for me and camps where I paint from time to time

If you like fishing and want to invite me, I'll go!!!

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your family's hunting and fishing tradition to their children.

Kids Art and Food

Summer Afternoon at Fair Oaks Farm
12x16 inches
acrylic on birch panel

When my two daughters were young, we did a lot of fun projects. Naturally, I wanted
them to respect and enjoy art. Though neither of them were interested in art as
a career, they both respect and value original art as young adults. I buy small
original paintings for them from artists I admire every year. I am helping them
to build a collection of original paintings which they will enjoy in their own
homes some day after their apartment days are past.
When they were little, stations were a popular teaching method in elementary school.
I borrowed that idea for their home environment and it worked really well. I set
up small tables around the room for various art activities. Examples are, crayons
and color books at one, modeling clay at another, jewelry making, watercolor painting,
tempera painting,markers and paper. These little stations were entirely separate.
The easy way to do them is with the wooden TV eating tables placed against the
wall around the room. You can put up a dry erase board for a station too.

Another great station is a library of art books for kids, which gives them an interest
and love for art history. Bean bag chairs and a small shelf in a corner can make
a cozy art station for reading and looking at famous artists paintings.

The next step is a limit to their activities at the stations. This keeps their
interest level high and makes art a reward for them, something special that they
will look forward to.

Make a specific art time weekly or daily and limit it to an hour or two depending
on their age and maturity. Use a kitchen timer and set it for various intervals
for each station, 5 minutes for small tykes, 20-30 minutes for older kids. When
the timer goes off, they rotate to the next art station. They must put their materials
away and straighten up before moving to the next station. (Mom or Dad can help)
After they have spent their allotted time at the stations for the day, reward them
with popcorn and a movie. Don't allow them at stations unless it is preplanned and
supervised. This should be something of a reward and a special treat.

You can do lots of fun station projects with food, like making prints with fish
or potatoes or other vegetables. Kids really love this. Your fish monger will have
a fish with head and tale on to make prints and they are really cool. Paint or
ink the surface of the fish. Flip over onto paper and peal the paper off to have
fish prints.

Cut a potato in half, Carve away sections and ink what is left. Stamp it on paper
for cool prints.

Make art fun for your children and they will grow up to appreciate culture and refinement
in their lives.


How Should Artists Sell Art?

Salt Springs Run
12x16 inches
oil on Masonite Panel

I started an interesting debate on Face Book this week about how marketing for artists
has changed over the last few years.

I am beginning to question the need for the traditional gallery system which has
dominated the art market for many years. My feeling is that most of us crave more
personal relationships between artists and collectors. As I said last week, many
of my collectors are close personal friends. We have a common love of nature and
the culture of the South.

I am finding commercial art galleries to be less and less important to my career,
so I am considering some changes. It is a hard decision to make, as some of the
galleries have been showing my work for a number of years.

I am very interested in getting some feedback from my patrons on how they most like
to purchase art.

Would you please email me your thoughts on the questions below? I'll send you a
little reward if you will help me ;>)

1. Do you prefer direct contact with an artist, getting to know them as a friend,
or do you prefer to go into a gallery and purchase work without contact with the

2. Are you comfortable in purchasing art from an artist's web site if you know them
and the artist offers a 100% return policy?

3. Do you like to visit an artist's studio to see work in person or would you be
more comfortable in a gallery setting?

4. Would you feel any differently about an artist's work who is not longer represented
by galleries?

5. Are you aware that artists must pay up to 50% in commissions to their galleries
who represent them? For a 500.00 painting, the artist receives 250.00 from the
sale at art galleries. The artist must also pay the entire framing costs for the

Without commissions from galleries, artists are able to offer a better price for
paintings. Would this make any difference in your purchasing plans for art?

Answering these questions will help me to make important decisions for my future
as an artist. []


How About a Recipe?

Lobster Pasta

2 lobster tails boiled until just underdone. Crack and remove shell. Dice meat in
large chunks. Set aside.
Small dice:
2 carrots
2 celery stalks
1/2 onion

Set aside

Boil 1 box Fettucini in water with a bit of olive oil,salt/pepper. Drain and set

Heat skillet with 2 T butter
Saute vegetables with a pinch of garlic powder and dried thyme. Add salt and pepper.
Add lobster meat and saute until done. Add 1 Cup heavy cream and season to taste.
Cook down until smooth and creamy. Add one cup of shredded mild cheddar cheese.
Toss with pasta and serve with a salad. Yummy.

Cook's Tip

Using a pastry bag can be messy, whether using icing or any other sticky, runny
filling. Here's how to help make it more manageable. First twist the bag just
above the tip and push the tip into the bag slightly. This will keep the filling
from running out of the bag before you are ready. Next, fold the bag sides down
wrongside out on the top, fitting it down over your hand like a sleeve. After the
bag is filled you can bring up the top and twist it. Don't fill the bag too much.
Doing these two steps will save you from a big mess!

Bragging About My Attorney

Recently my sister and I who live with our Mom decided it is time to have our wills
made. No one enjoys this process, but it is one of the necessaries in life to make
life easier for those we leave behind. I'm not planning to depart before I'm 100,
but God has a way of doing things in his time table not mine ;>)

This could have been a very stressful activity but my wonderful Family Law specialist
Rick Knellinger made it so easy and comfortable for us. He is wonderful wonderful!!!
He has the patience of Job and made the whole experience happy and stress free.
His office is filled with paintings,sculpture and antiquities of all kinds. This
is a man who treasures art and artists. He is gentle and kind to all and his staff
and associates are fantastic. What could have been a negative and scary experience
was comfortable for us, thanks to Rick.

If you need a great Family Law Attorney in north central Florida go see Rick.

Law Office of
Richard M Knellinger, P.A.
2815 Northwest 13th Street
Bank of America Building
Suite 305
Gainesville, Florida 32609

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