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Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Landscape Painting E-Class For Acrylic Painters

Linda Blondheim E-Lessons-

I offer the following E classes:

Color Mixing the Southern Landscape for Oil Painters

Color Mixing the Southern Landscape for Acrylic Painters

Values in the Landscape I

Composing and Design in Landscape Painting

Values II- Notan and Design in Values

Painting Basics for Acrylic Beginners

Painting Basics for Oils Beginners

All E-Classes are designed for a 6 week schedule. 4 Weekly Lessons and Assignments with 2 extra weeks for catch up, Q&A and discussion.

All classes are designed for either beginning or Intermediate painters.

If you have ideas for more E-classes please request them.

Six Week E Classes are 100.00

My Current Online Class - I have 8 spaces left.

Giving your Acrylic Landscape Paintings an Oils Quality

I have been working with acrylics for about 10 years now having come from an oil painting experience of about 30 years. My goal at the outset of my acrylic experience has been to make them look as close to my oils in style and color palette as possible. This has been no small challenge, as they are entirely different mediums with very different technique. The tube color, though named the same is quite different too between the two mediums.

My technique has at last caught up with my desire and has become fairly seamless with my oils. In fact, many of my patrons are drawn to the acrylic paintings first, thinking they are oils.

This unit of study is based on my research and technique to specifically emulate an “oil like” look to acrylics.

This class is designed for experienced painters who have either studied oils or acrylics or perhaps both, but who have been unsuccessful in keeping a cohesive look to both mediums. It is for anyone who is dissatisfied with their current acrylic work, either due to palette disharmony or due to flat tight brushwork and hard edges.

Beginners are welcome, but it may be difficult for you. If you are an advanced painter, this may be too easy for you. This is designed for painters who know basic acrylic technique but are ready to move on a bit further. You must have a digital camera or scanner to take this class as we will be posting images of our exercises and paintings to the blog.

We will be using a private blog for this class. You will be given an invitation to be an author on the blog and you will receive automatic email updates for comments to each weekly lesson. We will post our comments under the lessons in the main post and view each others’ exercises and paintings as we move along. I will of course, do critiques for you each week for the group to see.

Our focus for this class will be brushwork, edgework, color mixing, and glazing. I will post studio notes relating to technique, and use my own paintings as a visual aid for the class.

This is designed to be a four week unit of study, but I realize that we are all busy and tied up with life. I will post a new lesson each Monday on the blog. You can either do them weekly or you can play catch-up over a period of 6 weeks. I am building two extra weeks into the course for those of you who need it. The lesson will be up for 2 weeks after the last one is posted and I will be reading the blog during that two week for comments and to give critiques.

The blog will have a format of the assignment and my notes each Monday. The comment section is for all correspondence of questions and answers. Post your images on the blog as new posts and I will edit them and critique under the images of your paintings each week.

I will critique one painting a week per student in addition to the class. This is not required, but is given to you as an extra perk.

A class outline and materials list will be given to participants

The fee for the class is 100.00 for the 6 week class, which includes 4 lessons, critiques, and all Q&A you desire.

This class will be limited to 10 students. As soon as it fills we will begin.

You can pay online at my artist resources page at with pay pal or
If you prefer to send me a check or money order, that will be swell too.

Linda Blondheim

3032 NW 161 Court

Gainesville, FLorida 32609

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