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Friday, June 19, 2009

Notes From the Studio

Paynes Prairie State Park
20x24 inches
oil on birch panel
Wired and Ready to Hang Unframed

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My Place in the Art World

I got to thinking today how lucky I am to be just a country painter from the South. With so many artists climbing the ladder to fame and recognition, I realized that I'm ok with where I really am. I live in the country where the birds sing, the Armadillos rustle around in the bushes, and I see a deer or two on the paths where I like to walk with Studio Dog. I have an unassuming little block studio behind an old mobile home and I want for little in life other than the latest new easel or paint box.

I spend my time painting on the ranches,rivers, sand dunes and in the Smokey Mountains now and then. This is what I do and I'm happy for it.

I do admire big named artists and artists who wish for fame and work hard to get it, but I don't really want to. I have found myself in my beloved north Florida. I put my trust in the people who love the land here in the South as much as I do and I know they support me and my work. I am committed to working hard in the studio and in the fields to produce the best work I am capable of. I trust that others will identify with my work and my love for my subjects and wish to support me by owning my paintings.

I leave the quest for fame and celebrity to artists with more ambition. I'm just glad to be here in my little place.


Anonymous said...

Linda, this is so beautiful! You are already so lucky and far richer in ‘Linda Land’ than any amount of fame or fortune could bring you.

Pro Art Market Think Tank said...

Maggie, You are a doll. You just made my day.

maiaT said...

You live in a very beautiful place and your art is wonderful.

Pro Art Market Think Tank said...

Thank ou so much for the lovely comment. Where do you live?

Terry said...


This is absolutely my favorite piece that you painted. I love the colors, the mood and the composition. Way to go!


Linda Blondheim said...

Terry, You sure made my day. Thanks so very much.