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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A question for Art Patrons

This question is for actual art buyers or for those who would like to purchase art in the future.

If you have the choice of purchasing art directly from an artist through a studio or web site with a shopping cart, OR purchasing from a traditional commercial, brick and mortar art gallery, which would you do?

You can answer the question in the comment section of this blog, or directly to me at:

I am trying to make an intelligent decision on whether to leave the traditional gallery system and sell completely independently or whether to stay with galleries. Your opinion will help me.



Nancy Moskovitz said...

I'm eager to read your conclusions. I'm thinking the brick and mortar gallery people are less likely to read your blog in the first place.

Very impressed with the marketing changes you have already made.

Cindy Davis said...

Hi Linda,

I think from a business perspective it makes sense to remain in a few galleries.

Just as you continue to reach out and connect with new collectors using social media, the gallery will continue to serve as a incoming of exposure.

Yes, I realize you are established already. But just when everything seems good, things change. I don't think it is wise not continually seek new collectors with additional gallery exposure.

You know how into the web I am. Yet, I continue to meet 20 & 30 somethings all the time, educated and living in high-tech Atlanta, who aren't really "into" the net. They don't buy online that much, they want to browse and shop in person.

You mentioned that without the bricks and mortar route, you could charge less since their would be no commissions to pay. Thus selling more. Sounds good to me too, but not sure that is a correct assumption. Not entirely sure that charging less will lead to lower prices.

I think the idea you had about keeping all your small/medium pieces for yourself, and only offering larger pieces in the gallery is good idea.

I have seen quite a few established "online" artists doing this from California. I hate to follow the crowd, but it does make good business sense.

Just my two cents, but without ANY gallery representation, you are limiting your options, "when things change", as they often do in this crazy thing we call life.

Linda Blondheim said...

Thanks Nancy and Cindy. So far the actual patrons whom I have asked have been strongly in the direct buy from artists camp. See, this is a real issue. Unfortunately, most of the responses I get to these questions I ask on line are commented on by artists, not patrons. It is hard to get them to answer, and artists have an unrelistic perspective of what patrons really think. It is scewed by our own experience as artists. We have been taught from the early days of art school that galleries are gold. We must be repped by galleries to be taken seriously. This kind of mindset is hard to overcome as we develop our careers. Frankly, had I to do over again, I never would have allowed galleries in my career. Now we have the freedom to chart our own careers. It is so hard to leave them though, because after many years, we are dependant on them for price structure and so forth. It will be interesting to see how this question goes.
Thanks for your input.