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Friday, September 29, 2006

13 Mile Marsh

6x8 inches
oil on canvas

Painter's Tip

Show Openings

I do a lot of traveling, which is great for me because I am able to paint in many new places I normally would not see.

Yesterday I had an opening for my two woman show in Georgia at a hospital. This hospital is so wonderful because they do exhibits for artists every 8 weeks year round.

There were several hundred people at the opening and it was packed wall to wall. Of course, most all of these people were strangers to me. That can be a bit overwhelming.

When you have an opening or attend an opening with few people you know, go from person to person and introduce yourself. I know that seems hard but 95% of the people there will respond positively and you will be able to engage them in conversation about your art.

I always carry business cards in my hand, so I can hand them to people who seem genuinely interested in my work. I ask them for a card in exchange for my file.

I always eat very early, before most people come to the reception, so that I wont be caught with a mouth full of food if someone approaches me in the crowd.

I always have promotional materials and a small portfolio in my car to show people should they wish to have more information.

I always stand near my paintings so that when people come to investigate, I will be able to engage them in conversation about the work.

I like to dress in business casual clothing so that I look neat and feel comfortable.

Most importantly, I never stand around looking bored!!!

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