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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rum Island

18x24 inches
oil on canvas

Painter's Tip

Deciding What is Important in Your Composition

That may sound simplistic but it really can be complicated. You may have an idea of what the area of interest is in the beginning of the painting, but it sometimes takes a route of it's own.

I like to bring the painting along together for that reason. I'm not sure where it wants to go so I try not to over-develop any area too soon.

I often see painters go from top to bottom, trying to finish it stage by stage. I think that is a mistake. I like to move around the painting, working here and there, stepping back to think and to look away for a bit, resting my mind and my eyes. It is only late in the painting process that I decide where the focus is to be.

Take your time and let the painting develop on it's own. It knows where it wants to go.

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