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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wacahoota Cattle

18x24 inches
oil on canvas

Painter's Tip

Revising Your Paintings

Sometimes it is necessary to fool around with a painting for awhile to make it work. I have gone through three revisions on this painting over a period of several weeks. There were things I really loved about it and things that just weren't working.

I believe I have it right for my own satisfaction now. Yes, there are broken rules of composition in it, but I am satisfied with it none the less.

Don't be afraid to change a finished painting if it doesn't satisfy you.

There was a time when I bought into the alla prima religion that so many painters are worshiping these days. I thought that once it was done, that was it. There was no going back to it to correct or enhance the work Somehow, there was a magic purity to alla prima paintings. I have over the years come to realize that doing a painting in one session doesn't necessarily make it great!!

I like to leave my paintings hanging up for a week or two before I decide whether they need further attention. They often can be improved after a resting stage.

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