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Sunday, September 17, 2006

East Coast Palm

10x10 inches
oil on canvas

Painter's Tip

Try to paint in values from the start in your painting. In other words, don't just mass in one flat value automatically. Try to think about patterns of light and dark and put them in appropriate places from the beginning. You will be able to go back into these areas and make adjustments without losing the values you have initially established.

Never be afraid to wipe out areas that simply aren't working because you have too much paint to work over. If you carefully take your rag and wipe off the offending paint surface, you can start anew in that specific area of the painting.


VH McKenzie said...

Found you on the dailypaintersblog collection -- I really enjoy your landscapes, so lush, and inviting. I've looked over a few of your past posts and many of them even feel STEAMY, I eel the southern heat. Beautiful work.

Linda Blondheim Art Studio said...


Thank you so much for your kind comments. It was really steamy here this year. Yesterday we had our first cool air of fall and wow!! I feels so good. We will have more hot weather though before true fall arrives.

Thanks for your comments.