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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kanapaha Gardens Palms

8x10 inches
oil on panel

Painter's Tip

Get to know your subject.

I need to have an emotional connection to my subjects. I like to do some research on themes that I am painting. If possible, I like to visit the location a few times or at least look at many photos of the area or subject I will be painting.

When I am on location, I will do thumbnail sketches and small studies in the 5x7 or 6x8 sizes to really get a feel for the subject. I take those back into the studio with me along with the photos.

I usually like to do a prototype painting to warm up for the larger finished painting, working out the compositional issues in the first painting. I also like to do a small value study of the painting I will eventually do. I often scan the photo and plein air study and print them in black and white for this study.

Good painting is more than setting up your easel and putting paint to canvas. A bit of planning in advance will make a world of difference in a large major body of work.

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