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Monday, September 25, 2006

Palms at Orange Lake

8x10 inches
acrylic on panel


Painter's Tip

Shopping Locally

I sometimes order art supplies form the big supply houses but I also try to shop locally when it is practical.

Getting to know the local art supply store owners and managers is a very good way to promote your work and to learn about new products on the market. Go in and chat with the framing department manager, and the purchasing managers because getting to know them will spread the word about your paintings.

My local store managers give me samples of new paints and mediums and the framer will order frames in bulk that I like to use. The purchasing managers are very knowledgeable about new products. When I ask for certain brands, they will often get them for me.

I like being able to go into the store and purchase something right off the shelf when I need it. They even hang one of my paintings in the store, and encourage local painters to take my workshops. When I teach a local workshop. They give me discount coupons, small samples and promotional materials to hand out to my students, so that they too have advantages in shopping there.

I think the loyalty that they show to their customers is worthwhile, and getting a friendly hello when I come in makes my day better. Check out your local art supply store.

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