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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

6x8 inches
oil on panel
Silver Frame
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Painters Tip

Managing your Oil Palette

The cleaner your palette is, the cleaner the color will be in your painting. Messy palettes make muddy paintings.

I like to line my paints up by color groups at the top of my palette in ribbons of color, not blobs. With ribbons, you can pull color off the end, leaving the rest of the ribbon pure and clean. I pull color off and move down the palette to mix below the ribbons.

When you are learning to paint, try to put your paint ribbons out in the same place each time you paint. You will be less likely to dip in the wrong color to mix if you always know they are arranged the same way.

As the palette gets muddy below the ribbons, take a moment to wipe it off and clean that part of it, leaving the ribbons of paint as they are.
You will have a fresh palette to mix on again. I will often do this several times during a session, and the ribbons remain nice and clean for new mixing until they are gone.

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