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Monday, December 10, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Three Sisters
5x7 inches
Watercolor on masonite

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Painter's Tip

This is an easy way to make matting spacers for pastel or media you want to separate from the mat and glass in a frame.

Before you assemble the mat/art/frame, turn the mat upside down and cut narrow strips of mat board, one for each edge, smaller than the opening so they don't overlap on each edge. You are going to set them slightly back, away from the edge of the permanent mat and glue them down. If you want to make the space deeper, you can double the thickness of the strips. When it is dry flip over the mat and place on your artwork. There will be a space between the mat and the art due to the little strips. You won't see them. If you have pastels, the dust will fall between the mat and the support, keeping your mat cleaner.

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