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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Marion County
16x20 inches
oil on canvas

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Painters Tip

Using the right tools can make you more comfortable in painting. Supports are a good example. I really am not over fond of canvas on panel supports. I much prefer plain gessoed birch or masonite. I don't mind stretched canvas but I don't like it attached to a rigid surface. Who knows why? I just know that I produce better work on a stretched or plain hard surface. On the other hand, I love good linen attached to panels. Go figure.

I also paint better with flats than any other kind of brush. It's not that I can't paint with others, I just feel good with flats.

It's very important to paint with the tools that feel good because that is how you will produce the best paintings. I recently had a student at a workshop who was painting with a brush that she hated. I asked her how long she had been using the brush and she said for awhile. I told her to give it away or throw it away. Obviously, it bothered her to use it or the subject would not have come up. It was distracting her in a negative way.

Don't use paints or supplies that you don't like. Give them away and start fresh with new things you prefer. It may be a while before you will know what suits you best, but it will be well worth the search to find supplies you really like and that will help you to produce your best work.

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