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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

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Painters Tip

Keep a mini portfolio in your car.

You never know when opportunities will come. I like to keep some promotional materials in the car with me. I use Excel or my Working Artist software to make a gallery sheet of images with title,medium, size and price of 10 or so paintings. I make a few brochures on my home computer, and a bio/statement/brief resume/business cards and list of galleries where I show my work. I put all of these in a manilla envelope and keep it in the trunk of my car.

I also use a three ring binder with the office supply clear inserts in it. I put small watercolor paintings and studies in oils and acrylics, back to back in the binder. I use different binders fordifferent price ranges, usually 50.00 paintings in one and 100.00 paintings in another. Just a few at a time, so that interested people can flip through them. I take these with me and use them at various opportunities.

I have sold quite a few paintings this way, putting the binders out in places where I am painting with lots of people coming and going.

You just never know when opportunities will come along and it's good to be ready.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Great tip, Linda. Thank you.
I'm loving your new watercolors!

Linda Blondheim said...

Thanks so much Jean. I'm really having fun with them.

Cindy said...

Hi Linda,

Great tip about keeping information in the trunk of your car. Half the battle for sucess marketing of my artwork is BEING PREPARED.

I like the idea of having some small sketches in a binder too. Once a potential collectors goes on about their business, many forget your encounter with them and don't fine time to follow-up and make a purchase. This way the spontaneous folks can purchase something on the spot AND remember your work for later, larger purchases. Great idea!

Cindy Davis

Linda Blondheim said...

You are so right Cindy. Often it is impulse buying of something immediately available.