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Monday, December 03, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Rust Colored Palms
Original Mail Art
envelope included

.60 shipping

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Painters Tip

What about you?

I like to say that patrons are interested in the artist more than the art. It is important to them to be a part of their favorite artist's life. Studio visits, painting events, demos and other interactive events allow patrons to be involved in some way with their favorite artist. These days it is also possible to have an online friendship with a favorite artist. I have many many Internet friends who follow my career and my art.

One of the important ways to become a real person to patrons is through your web site. Including a work in progress, a weekly or monthly newsletter,and an interesting About the Artist Page will go far in helping you to make friends and promote your art to interested people. If you don't have a web site, start a blog instead. Write about your life as an artist and show photos of your paintings.

My advice is to be as honest and genuine as possible. Don't use a bunch of art speak or try to sound important. Talk about your work and the experience of it in plain language and people will come to read. Even if some people don't like your blog, others will. Talk about your process and technique, your travels, museums and galleries, and your studio. I love reading other artists' blogs. I think pouring your heart into you work and writing about it will attract patrons and friends.

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