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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Dark Palms
Watercolor on WC paper
5x7 inches
Shipping 4.00

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Painters Tip

Retaining your signature across mediums

It's fun to use a lot of different mediums and I certainly do. I do think it is important to have a consistent look to your work and to the way you approach painting in various mediums. Of course they all have their own characteristics which make them unique. Regardless of the medium I use, you can always see my signature in the commonality of contrast and saturation. Whether I use watercolors, pastels, oils or acrylics, my work has high contrast and deep saturation. because of this, I feel comfortable in showing various mediums together in a body of work. it would not be advisable if my watercolors were pale and pastel and my oils were dark and intense. Because my approach to painting is similar in all mediums, you always know my work.

If your mediums are vastly different in approach, I suggest that you split them up into separate bodies of work for exhibition. You do not want your oils to overpower your pastels or watercolors. Of course, the pricing is going to be different, as oils and acrylics command a higher price than watercolor,pencil or pastels, but knowlegeable patrons expect that and understand the price differences.

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