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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Lake Alice
8x10 inches
oil on panel

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Painters Tip

Paint while scenes are fresh in your mind.....

Yesterday I started a painting of a scene I saw while traveling the day before. I took lots of photos to use as references for paintings but I wanted to start the painting while the memory was still fresh. I have found that working on paintings right away after seeing something I like, produces a better painting, than waiting for days, weeks or months to revisit the project.

Another helpful habit is to sit down while there or on your return and write notes about the place, the time of day, the weather conditions, angle of the sun, where the major elements were located, the color temperature of foliage and objects, what made you love it and want to paint it. This only takes a few minutes and these notes will be useful when you start the painting.

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Anonymous said...

that's a sweet piece