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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

5x7 inches
watercolor on cold press

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Painters Tip

Here are a few tools I keep with me for plein air work. They come in handy regularly. Some painters don't realize that you can do larger format paintings on a pochade box by simply using a small bungee cord or spring clamp. I do up to 14x18 inches on my 9x12 Guerilla box. I just set the panel on the inside lip and use a clamp to secure one edge to the back of the box lid. It works great. You can also use a much smaller panel than your box is made for in the same way, without the expense of the panel insets that box makers sell. Just use the spring clamp to clamp the panel or canvas to the lid.

The other option for larger than box canvases is to run a bungee cord behind the panel and box, hooking the metal hook on each edge of the canvas/panel front. Another way to use spring clamps and bungees is to lash down your palette in windy weather. It works great, though you will probably get paint on the cord or clamp.

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