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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dothan Alabama Farm

6x8 inches
oil on panel
silver plein air frame

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Painters Tip

How Do I fix my painting?

I get this question from my students a lot. I ask them to tell me what is wrong with it in detail and then I ask them to come up with solutions.
Here are my suggestions.
After you write down all of the things you don't like about your painting choose one problem at a time and address it. Correcting the problems one at a time will start to improve the painting.

Ask yourself the following.

Are the values correct? Poor values and low contrast often make a painting dull and uninteresting.

Is the composition pleasing and does it keep me interested in the painting as a viewer?

Am I bored with this work and what can I do to make it more interesting?

Is the color garish or is it harmonious?

Does it have variety of texture and brushwork or does everything look the same?

Is there an area or center of interest in the painting, which will attract the viewer?

Is the linear perspective correct if that is an issue, as in architecture, etc?

How about lost and found edges? Interesting curves or diagonals, negative spaces, resting places in the composition?

Address the questions you need to ask one at a time and your painting should get better.
The answer of knowing when to stop on a painting is when no more brush strokes will improve it in any way.

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