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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Santa Fe River Cypress

8x10 inches
oil on panel
Silver plein air frame

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Painter's Tip

Framing with minimal skill and resources.

I have no carpentry skills at all, however,I have managed to put together a little frame shop in my studio to frame my own work and that of my students' and others who need my help. There is a walk -in closet in my studio where I have put my supply shelves on one side and my frame shop on the other.

I have a drill, tape measure, various screwdrivers and hardware. I aquired an old dresser with 6 drawers and have put two thicknesses of bubble wrap on the top to cushion frames when I install paintings. I also got one of those hardware cabinets with all the little drawers to hold my framing supplies.

I use mirror hangers on my frames as they are very strong and lay flat for hanging. I get all of my framing hardware and plastic covered framing wire from They are very reliable and ship quickly. You can find everything there in framing supplies.

I use brown heavy craft paper to wrap my framed work for clients, with masking tape. It works great to protect the frame for delivery or pick up, but it is certainly not enough protection for stacking paintings or shipping.

For custom work or work under glass, I go to my framing experts locally, but for work I am going to show and sell, I do my own with ready made frames. I order frames wholesale from , plein air frames from and

They are all very reasonable with a good quality frame. No, they are not top of the line like some frame companies but in selling work to others, I don’t need to use top line frames. I always feel that the painting is the focus. Many serious collectors prefer to have their paintings re-framed to suit their decor.

I save a lot of money by doing the installation and hardware myself, purchasing the supplies wholesale.

Another tip is to do your paingings in standard sizes, using the same mouldings. You can save money by buying in bulk that that way.


Robin Weiss said...

Nice work Linda! Thanks for the great art tips too, really helpful stuff. RW

Linda Blondheim Art Studio said...

Thank you so much Robin. I'm glad the tips are useful.