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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yellow Marsh

8x10 inches
acrylic on panel
Silver Plein air style Frame
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Painter's Tip

Working with Galleries

I hear from artists who complain about galleries. I know there are bad ones and I’ve had a couple of bad ones too, but for the most part, galleries are your best friend.

If you can find a gallery who will stick with you through the worst of dry spells, who will continue to market for you and be loyal to you, you should treat them well. Remember, your relationship with a dealer is a true partnership. Half of the job is yours.

Be willing to rotate work every quarter, keep current marketing materials, an updated resume, statement and bio at the gallery. Provide them with images of new work for their files. Stay in touch with your dealers. Listen to their advice about framing and pricing. Do not undercut them or be disloyal.

Be generous in your willingness to pay them finders commissions if they get you commissions or sales outside of the gallery. I give my galleries 15% on finders fees. The better you do your half of the job, the easier for them to sell for you and the more willing they will be to promote your work.

Think from the gallery dealer's perspctive. Would you rather sell for someone who promotes your business, or for someone who rarely shows up and does nothing to assist you? I want my galleries to sell and I do as much as possible to encourage them to sell for me.

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