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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Farm Fields

6x8 inches
acrylic on panel

Painter's Tip

Selling Work Yourself

When you are called on to be your own promoter, you should be ready. Even if you only show at galleries and don't sell out of your studio, dealers recognize that artists who have social and conversational skills have an edge over artists who don't. Given a choice between two equally qualified artists, most dealers go with the one who comes off better in public and who is the most businesslike.

I like to keep a portfolio of work ready at all times and have my promotional materials ready to send out immediately. That means an updated resume, bio, and statement, along with business cards, image sheets and brochures. I can zip them off to dealers, museums or clients instantly via email with a link to my web site, or I can send them hard copies via fax or postal mail.

You never know when such opportunities will come up, so be ready.


ria said...

Hi Linda,
I love your work.
Your choice of perspectives and color are exceptional.

Linda Blondheim Art Studio said...

Wow Ria,
You are so kind to say this. Thanks for viewing my blog.

mousie5 said...

I would think people seeing you paint in public places would give you customers. I for one use a gallery on the net for my paintings. So far I have done well there. I also like to inter-act with people so selling comes easy for me.


Linda Blondheim Art Studio said...

Mousie, I do get to meet a lot of people because I am out and about painting.

Most of my sales come through my galleries and my web site.

Leslie Sealey said...

I love this one-it is so bold and dramatic! Really great composition, too. I am enjoying reading your blog, and I appreciate the advice you offer here. : )