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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rum Island 5

18x24 inches
oil on canvas
Warm Silver Plein Air Frame
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"Painters Tip"

Picture Plane Exercise

Do three paintings of the same scene. They can be small studies on 5x7 inch supports.

Painting 1- Foreground focus. The area of interest or focal point is to be established in the foreground of the painting.

Painting 2- Middle ground focus- The area of interest is to be in the middle ground of the painting.

Painting 3- This is the hardest one. The focus is to be in the back ground of the painting.

This really is a great problem solving exercise. I do it now and then. We all have a habit of putting the focus or area of interest in the middle ground of our work. I do this myself without a thought. Challenging ourselves to come up with a new focus is fun and creates some pretty dramatic, spectacular results. How will you accomplish this task? What are some ways that you create a center of interest in a painting?

Use more texture and defined brushwork
More intensity of color
Strong contrast
harder edge work
more detail

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