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Monday, October 09, 2006

Orange Lake

6x8 inches
oil on panel

Painter's Tip

Framing In A Pinch

A few months ago I was caught by an unexpected opportunity to do a low level group show. It was mid-summer when art sales are non-existent in my part of the world, so I don’t stock frames in the summer. What to do?

I looked around the studio and found 20 or so frames which were older styles and mis-matched. I decided to re-new them by painting them all in a neutral cream color. I painted them all with gesso first, and then used acrylic titanium buff with white to give them a warm white color. After they were painted and dry, I coated them in two coats of gloss clear polyurathane to give them a nice finish.

They looked great together because of the common finish. I was able to send out the paintings in style!!

Now I use this process on all my old frames and use them for low level shows and to hang work in the studio for visitors to see. I save the good frames for more important shows.


Anonymous said...

Good Idea. Does the gesso stick to the wood or do you have to sand it? I have a lot of nicked and scartched frames lying around it would be good to get rid of them. Of course I have to use glass or prexiglass.

Your paintings are always top shelf by the way!

Linda Blondheim Art Studio said...

Thanks for the kind comment Shant.

I rough them up a little with sand paper before painting.