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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Town and Country Farm

16x20 inches
oil on canvas
gold plein air frame

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Painters Tip

Forming Successful Collaborations

Figuring out how you work best will help you to decide which collaborations will work for you and which ones wont.

I am a driven person who enjoys working 12-18 hours a day. I love the internet and spend most of my networking time there. I am also extremely detail oriented and well organized. I like to make instant decisions and follow through immediately. I like to be boss.

I'm not a good person to collaborate with if you like to take your time and mull over possibilities. I'm a terrible choice if you like to rule by committee. I'm really good at doing assigned tasks and I always get the job done but I want to work independently.

When you are considering teaming up with another artist or group of artists, consider the working style of each individual and whether they can in fact work together on projects.

Do they have compatible styles of art work?

Do they prefer networking by email or telephone, or one on one meetings?

Do they have clear and defined goals for the group and are willing to work in specific timelines for completion of projects?

Must they rule by committee with everyone having the same say or are they willing to follow directions of others?

Does every member have the same or similar objective?

How well organized are members and what are their time management skills? Are they on time or always late?

All of these issues should be dealt with before a group is formed. Unfortunately, most of us are so enthusiastic about the possibilities that we never do this ahead of time and are then disappointed.

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