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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Spring Vineyard

8x10 inches
acrylic on linen
silver plein air frame

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Painters Tip

Tips For Loosening Up

If you want to make your paintings more expressive try these methods.

Use your other hand- It will feel awkward and you won't be able to paint as precisely as you can with your dominant hand. You won't be able to go into auto paint mode, which is a usual way of painting.

Work in the dark- Not total darkness but reduced light where you can't see every little detail.

Leave details out- Take a good look at your subject and leave off the tiny little fussy details. Decide what is really important to the painting and leave everything else out.

Don't paint outlines- Instead, think of masses, form and shapes.

Let the paint drip and smear- Have fun with the process. Some of those drips and smears may turn into great stuff.

Disregard local color- Try some unusual colors. How about a yellow sky?

For Watermedia- Paint your subject with clean water and then use color to blend into those areas. This familiarizes you with your subject before the paint is applied. Use masking fluid for fun effects too.

Use a large brush- It's much harder to get fussy when you are using larger brushes.

Use very long brushes- Stand far away from your canvas and reach to paint.

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