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Monday, October 16, 2006

Florida Ranch Cattle

10x12 inches
acrylic on panel
Silver Plein Air Frame

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Painters Tip

This week I tested a new product from Here is my report.

Rob asked me to test the linen and cotton canvas panels on birch. They are wonderful!! The canvas or linen is glued to the birch with an overlap on the back. Instead of putting paper over the back it is left as is, so that the birch wood shows. I think that is a good idea for anyone who wants to remove the canvas or linen from the support at some future date. They are both excellent.

I was concerned at first that the canvas was too highly textured for my taste but actually it was quite smooth to paint on with a nice tooth but not too much. The linen was yummy and perfect. If you have never painted on linen you haven't lived!!!

This product may not be on the web site yet as it is brand new for French Canvas. Keep checking Rob's web site. This product is outstanding.


Fred Bell said...

Linda, I have been appreciating your range of values from dark, dark to bright 'n' light.

Linda Blondheim Art Studio said...

Hi Fred,
I like crisp color and very contrasty work. No muds or wimpy values for me :>)
Thank you for the kind comment.