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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Homosassa River

6x8 inches
acrylic on panel
Silver plein air style frame

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Painter's Tip

Atmospheric painting

There is a lot more to achieving the illusion of space than accurate shapes. "Atmosphere" in a painting is a complicated understanding of how we see the 3 dimensional world, and how colors and values change as objects recede in space. In creating atmosphere, edge handling is extremely important - knowing when to loose edges, and a wise use of soft and hard edges to pull the hand, or whatever, forward. Understanding the light source is key.

Chroma can be used to pull things forward. Neutral edges will tend to recede. Pure chroma can help to pull objects forward. The value range as objects get further away will tend to decrease as more air (particles in space) between it and the viewer will actually change the way the light of that object hits the viewer's eye. Distant trees will appear blue or purple as they get further away. This same effect can be used on a smaller scale to maximize the illusion of space. Even the amount of detail used and the brush handling can help maximize the effect.

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