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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tillman Acres

6x8 inches
oil on panel
silver plein air frame

Available at High Springs Gallery

Painters Tip

Never be ashamed !!!!

I know artists who often say they are so embarrassed by their old work or even new work.

I say that you should celebrate all of your work, good or bad.

I recently got several paintings back that had hung in the state capitol building for a few years. I thought to myself WOW!!! my work is so much stronger now than it was then. It was a celebration in my mind to know that I am growing as an artist. I felt no shame for this old work because it gave me a look at how far I have come.

My attitude is that I get up every day of my life and paint in the best way I possibly can. I can ask no more of myself and neither should you.

The patrons who have bought my work over the years saw something in that stage of my work that was appealing. Why would I feel shame over my hard work?

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