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Friday, August 03, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Drawing

Hamburger and Fries

2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches

colored pencil and ink on mat board

Mounted to a 4x6 inch mat


Painters Tip

I do a lot of different mediums in my art process. I have set up working stations around my studio to make them all convenient and organized. I got the idea when I was teaching elementary school art for a couple of years, right out of art school, many moons ago.

I have an acrylic station, with spray bottle, gels, mediums, my paints , brushes and a table top easel at one table, I have a casein set up at another, a pencil, colored pencil, ink, and marker set up at another table, a paper cutting table, and finally, my big easel with an oils set up there.

I can simply move around the room and get to work immediately wherever I wish to paint or draw that day. It allows me to work quickly, with no down time at all in my schedule. I have a lot of plates spinning in the air all the time, and having a studio that is organized makes all the difference for me. The key here is not having to take the tie to set up for any medium. It is already done.


Ed Terpening said...

Wow, how large is your studio? it is amazing that you keep so many mediums going at once.

Plein Air Florida said...

Hi Ed,

Not all that big actually, just well organized.
I do have a large walk in closet for my supplies and framing, so that helps kep the clutter out of the main studio space. The main studio space is a large room.