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Monday, August 20, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Red Brush
5x7 inches
acrylic on panel

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Painters Tip

Fun with Color Mixing

Here is a fun way to practice mixing with a limited palette. I take a sheet of card stock (index paper), and use the colors from my limited palette to make vertical stripes down the page, one of each color on the palette. Let's use the following as an example. Cad red light, French Ultramarine Blue, Cad Yellow Lemon,Titanium White, Ivory Black. This is a palette which will mix most things you need. You cannot get a true violet or the minty greens from it , but most everything else is possible. You will have a black,blue,red,and yellow stripe down the page.

You will then make the same stripes horizontally across the page. You will then proceed to mix the various combinations made by the stripes, putting your color swatch in the space between the stripes, using the stripe colors in each square to mix. You will use the white in the mix to do a strip of the tinted color under the color mixed for each square. Keep this sheet as a reference for your notebook and you will always know what can be mixed from any limited palette you may want to use. Easy to refer back to. Be sure to write the colors you chose in the margin.


Dean H. said...

I really like that painting "Red Brush".

Plein Air Florida said...

Thank you so much Dean, Very kind of you.