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Monday, August 06, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

10x10 inches
oil on canvas


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Painters Tip

Separate yourself from what you see.

Remember that the viewer of your painting will not see what you saw as a reference whether painting from life or photos. This is very important to remember. Realism will only take you so far. If your composition is based on what you actually see, but it is a poor composition, you will not have a good painting. Since the viewer is only interested in a wonderful painting, you will fail. I always tell my students to look at their painting as if for the first time. If it doesn't read well to a first time viewer, it will fail. Your job is not to record what you see. Your job is to create an excellent painting.

For some reason, new painters feel like they are cheating if they add color that they don't actually see, or move things around in a composition, or leave things out. I give my students permission to do just that. All rules are off if you can do something that works.

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