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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Josh and John
12x16 inches
acrylic on panel

Commissioned painting

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Painters Tip

When is it finished?

I read all manner of discussions about how to finish paintings and how to know when one is finished. To me it is simple.

A painting is done when there is not one paint stroke which will improve it.

This may seem simplistic to you but it is not. The caveat to this is that we must understand that we are limited by our technical and esthetic ability. I'm not suggesting that our painting could not be improved by someone who is at a higher level in painting than we are; or that it could not be improved at some future time by us, when we have reached a higher level in our journey as a painter. I am saying that at any given time in our career, if we cannot improve the painting with one more stroke we have completed it.

We need to accept the fact that we are not perfect and that our paintings will not be either. I have learned to respect my work, flaws and all. I wake up each day with the intent of painting as well as I possibly can and so I do not beat myself up when my work is not a masterpiece. I believe there is an honesty and dignity about serious work.

I don't go around apologising for work I have completed years ago, which is indeed less than wonderful either. I remember that at that stage of my ability, the painting was the best I could do. The owner liked it enough to purchase it and so it would be disprespectful to myself and the owner to belittle it.

If you wake up each day and paint giving 100% of your emotion and knowledge to your work, it should and will be respected.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Linda, excellent words about our older works.

Plein Air Florida said...

Thanks Jean.