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Friday, August 10, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Rum Island
18x24 inches
oil on canvas

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Painters Tip

Using Grisaille on Location


Grisaille was originated in Renaissance times and was used intensively in the Baroque. It is a technique for figure compositions or still life with no prior preparations or very little. The artist sketches directly on the canvas with thin layers of paint washes. Few colors are used and basically fast drying ones. With these washes it is possible to create the whole composition without making the canvas over-loaded with paint. Corrections are easy to do and all changes are done on the canvas. Then under painting is used for final colors to be as sound as possible. I have found it to be an excellent study technique in the studio, particularly combined with glazing with transparent oil colors.

The above painting was started on location with the grisaille method. It is a great way to start a painting in the field. You can deal with the problems of composition and values, putting off color issues for later. It goes fairly quickly and teaches you a great deal about working in a high key palette. The reason being that as you scumble on thin layers of paint later in the process, the painting becomes darker with further layers, so the grisaille must be in high key unless you wish to highlight with opaque tints later in the painting. I often do that too. Sometimes I later come back to finish the paining on location, or I take it to the studio to finish at my leisure.

Think of this method as a good start for paintings.

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