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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Sabal Palm
12x16 inches
oil on linen panel
gold frame

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Dear Friends,
I'll be traveling for a few days. Look for my next Painters Tip on Monday.

Painters Tip

An easy way to market your art is to carry your image business cards with you. All of the supermarkets and grocers have bulletin boards. Put them up on the boards wherever you shop.

When you go to the library, leave a business card in between the pages of the book or magazine you are reading, and in the books you turn in. What a nice surprise for the next person who checks out the books.

If you are going to get your car serviced, the Dr, or Dentist, leave a card on the table in the waiting room.

Don't forget to check restaurants for bulletin boards. They often have them too.

People love to look at beautiful art and a business card may bring you a sale.

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